Dinosaurs in the Kitchen

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Dinosaurs Baking and Making

The team at Everything Dinosaur have been busy in the kitchen again testing out a range of dinosaur shaped cookie cutters so that young dinosaur fans can make dinosaur shaped biscuits and other prehistoric animal themed snacks.

We have been trying out a whole range of different kitchen cutters and recipe ideas and after a careful selection process with our testers (and tasters in this case), we have used three types of dinosaur themed cookie cutter.

Dinosaurs in the Kitchen

1). The Dinosaur Puzzle Cookie Cutter

A chance to create a dinosaur puzzle that you can eat!  A sturdy plastic cookie cutter set in the shape of a long-necked dinosaur, a sauropod.  Choosing a sauropod design for a biscuit making item was quite easy really, after all these animals had enormous appetites and must have spent a very large portion of their day eating.  It has been calculated for example, that a sauropod such as an adult Diplodocus would need to eat around 300 kilogrammes of food per day (that is the equivalent of over 3,000 lettuces)!

The Dinosaur Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Made from durable, robust plastic this cookie cutter set consists of several pieces that when fitted together form a long-necked dinosaur.  Young dinosaur fans can make biscuits that form a jigsaw puzzle, the set even comes with a biscuit cutter piece shaped like a baby dinosaur.

Dinosaur shortbread biscuits.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We used one of the recipes in the handy recipe leaflet included with this set to make some rather nice shortbread.  Our dinosaur testers then decorated them with coloured icing sugar and hundreds and thousands, we used a black jelly button to make the eye on the adult and edible, silver balls for the eyes of the babies.  They certainly proved very popular with our tasters and for the grown-ups the cookie cutter was easy to ease, the recipes simple to follow and best of all, the sturdy plastic cookie cutter was a doddle to wash and clean afterwards.

Cookie Cutters/Biscuit Cutters

2). Dinosaur Metal Cookie Cutter Set

If lots of different prehistoric animal shapes are your requirement then our team members and their testers have this option covered as well with the dinosaur metal cookie cutter set.  This is a set of five, tin plated steel dinosaur shaped biscuit cutters in a handy storage box.

The Dinosaur Metal Cookie Cutter Set

Cookie cutters.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Each cutter is about 12 cm long and the set includes biscuit cutters shaped like Tyrannosaurus rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus plus a flying reptile for good measure.

Once again these items proved very versatile and our helpers made lots and lots of biscuits, like the other sets that we have tried, these items also doubled up as cutters when we were working with modelling clay.  The young children found them easy to use and once again there were no problems washing them up and clearing away.

The biscuits we made were fun to decorate and we had a whole range of multi-coloured dinosaurs at the end, we agreed that they would make super party food for a dinosaur themed party.

3. Tyrannosaurus rex shaped Biscuit Cutter

We couldn’t leave T. rex out of the mix, especially as this fierce dinosaur seems more popular than ever, so our team have tested a T. rex biscuit cutter too. 

The Tyrannosaurus rex Biscuit Cutter

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This particular cutter makes dinosaur shaped biscuits that are about 11 cm tall, it was easy to use and was well suited for the particularly young children to try.  We made gingerbread and shortbread biscuits and they all proved to be very popular.  Once again we got the children to decorate them and they all had lots of fun.

The Tyrannosaurus rex Biscuits just out of the Oven

T. rex biscuits.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As you can see we made lots of Tyrannosaurus rex shaped biscuits, the ones in the picture are gingerbread dinosaurs.  One of our dinosaur experts commented that with all these dinosaurs together on the tray like that it reminded him of a bone bed, although only a few theropod fossils have ever been found in close proximity to each other, indicating a social group or a family perhaps.

Still our biscuits did not remain in a group for long, once cooled and decorated our hungry helpers soon polished them off.  It makes a change, after all, T. rex would have considered us bite size had we been around 66 million years ago, now with these biscuits we can turn the tables on Tyrannosaurus rex, making him a bite-sized snack for us.

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