School Children Make Dinosaur Notebooks for Display

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Year 1 Children Display their Dinosaur Notebooks

Engaging Year 1 children (aged 5-6), with writing activities can be a challenge for teachers and their teaching assistants, however, if the term topic is dinosaurs and fossils, then it can be more of a case of getting them to stop writing about dinosaurs.  A team member at Everything Dinosaur, came across some marvellous notebooks and workbooks that had been prepared by Year 1 children as part of the study of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  With so many extension activities coming out of the lesson plans, the children ended up producing a notebook each all about their favourite prehistoric animal.

Children’s Dinosaur Notebooks on Display in the School Corridor

Helping to encourage young children with their writing.

Helping to encourage young children with their writing.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Teaching About Dinosaurs in School

Teaching about dinosaurs in school can certainly help and enthuse young children with their writing.  Our member of staff saw books about Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, plesiosaurs and even one about Mary Anning.  Just like real scientists the children had been keen to put their own names on the workbook and it was fun reading them as our team member took a quick break from delivering a dinosaur themed workshop in the school.

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