Team members at Everything Dinosaur have created a video review of the second batch of new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal models to have been announced. This video, which has been posted up on the company’s YouTube channel highlights the new 1:20 scale CollectA Deluxe Smok wawelski model and the fabulous Permian nautiloid Cooperoceras.

Everything Dinosaur looks at the second batch of new for 2022 CollectA prehistoric animal models to be announced.

Smok wawelski and Cooperoceras texanum

The video review lasts approximately 11 minutes and 50 seconds. The narrator explains some of the challenges that model manufacturers have faced with the global pandemic and praises CollectA for their new prehistoric animal figures. Some of the science behind the creation of the Smok wawelski model is explained. It might be a quadruped and reminiscent of a pseudosuchian (crocodile lineage of the Archosauria), the Everything Dinosaur video explains why the model does not look like a theropod dinosaur.

CollectA Deluxe Smok wawelski.
The new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe Smok wawelski replica reflects the view that this large Late Triassic predator was not a theropod dinosaur.

New CollectA Models

The video examines the diet of this formidable predator and looks at the fossil bones and coprolites associated with Smok, the largest, terrestrial carnivore described to date from the Late Triassic of central Europe. The second model to be featured is the Cooperoceras replica. How this bizarre, spiny nautiloid came to be discovered is explained and the narrator highlights the range of CollectA invertebrate models and discusses how fossils of ammonites and other animals can be used to help date strata.

CollectA Cooperoceras
The new for 2022 CollectA Cooperoceras model continues the company’s fine tradition for creating replicas of important Palaeozoic invertebrates.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2022

Both the CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Smok wawelski and the CollectA Cooperoceras models will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2022, although at this stage the video narrator was unable to give a precise date as to when these two excellent figures would be available.

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