Dynamic Dicynodonts – Lisowicia bojani Video Review Planned

With the recent arrival of the remaining twelve new for 2020 CollectA prehistoric animal models, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy sorting out all the figures on reserve and picking and despatching orders to eager customers.  However, we have received numerous requests to post up a video review of the CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Lisowicia bojani, we intend to post up a short video showcasing this model and the small Placerias model that we also stock in the next ten days or so.

Everything Dinosaur Intends to Produce a Video Review of the CollectA Deluxe Lisowicia bojani Model

CollectA Lisowicia video review titles.

The title page for Everything Dinosaur’s planned video review of the CollectA Deluxe Lisowicia bojani 1:20 scale replica.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

As well as showcasing the new 1:20 scale figure, team members at Everything Dinosaur intend to comment briefly on the Dicynodontia clade, explain how these synapsids are on the Mammalia part of the tetrapod family tree and to discuss suitable figures to accompany the Lisowicia replica in prehistoric dioramas.  The new for 2020 CollectA figures have already featured in several short videos that have been posted up onto Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.

The Lisowicia Model was One of Eighteen New for 2020 Figures Introduced by CollectA

CollectA Lisowicia replica

The CollectA Lisowicia bojani model compared next to a geology ruler.  The video will also permit the scale of this figure and its measurements to be discussed.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Adding a Placerias

Dinosaur fans and model collectors have for some time relied on Everything Dinosaur to supply them with another dicynodont figure, that of Placerias.  The Placerias figure has been useful when it comes to creating Late Triassic dioramas.

A Herd of Placerias Models

A trio of Placerias models.

A trio of Placerias models.  The Placerias replica is great for creating Triassic dioramas.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Placerias Model Available from Everything Dinosaur

Placerias model.

The Placerias figure available from Everything Dinosaur whilst stocks last.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase the CollectA Lisowicia bojaniCollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Range including Lisowicia bojani.

The Placerias is part of set of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models, they can be ordered here: Placerias can be found in this section of the website, just search for the “Prehistoric Animal Models (Individual)” and then purchase a model from this set.  When passing through check-out a message box will pop up and this will allow you to state “Placerias” and a member of our packing team will ensure that this is the figure that is sent out to you.

Take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel here: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.  We recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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