CollectA Deluxe Bajadasaurus Gets a Makeover

Whilst we wait for the arrival of the remainder of the new for 2020 CollectA prehistoric animal models, we can reacquaint ourselves with one of their earlier releases from the spring.  The CollectA Deluxe Bajadasaurus model was one of six figures that Everything Dinosaur was able to secure stocks of, before the COVID-19 pandemic began to disrupt the global economy.  Dinosaur model collector Elizabeth commissioned Martin Garratt to repaint her Bajadasaurus model.  The result is a spectacular reimagining of this Early Cretaceous, spiky dinosaur.

The Repainted CollectA Deluxe Bajadasaurus Dinosaur Model (Martin Garratt)

A repainted CollectA Bajadasaurus.
CollectA Bajadasaurus pronuspinax repainted.  The new for 2020 CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Bajadasaurus dinosaur model has been repainted by Martin Garratt.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

A Remarkable Turnaround

The CollectA model has been turnaround very quickly.  Bajadasaurus (B. pronuspinax) was formally named and scientifically described in February 2019 (although the fossils were found back in 2010),  the design team at CollectA were able to move from the prototype stage to full production remarkably swiftly to ensure that this model was available in early 2020.

A Beautiful Interpretation of the Bajadasaurus Colour Scheme

Anterior portion of the CollectA Bajadasaurus repaint.
A close view of the head and the neck of the Bajadasaurus model.  The anterior portion of the model showing those spectacular neural spines that projected forwards.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

Our thanks to Elizabeth for sending into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of her repainted figure.

Elizabeth commented:

“I’m absolutely thrilled with what Martin achieved.  I’ve never had a piece from him that I didn’t like, of course, but inevitably some pieces strike a particular chord.  This one does.  I just wish I’d ordered a base as well!”

The Factory Colouration of the CollectA Bajadasaurus

The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Bajadasaurus dinosaur model.
The new for 2020 CollectA Bajadasaurus dinosaur model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Team members have already been informed as to which of the remaining new for 2020 CollectA models are wanted by Martin Garratt.  Staff will be busying sorting out the models and responding to all those customers on our reservation lists when the new CollectA figures come in.

The CollectA Deluxe Bajadasaurus Figure in 1:40 Scale

A Magnificent Modified Dinosaur Model

Collecta Bajadasaurus repaint.
A CollectA 1:40 scale Bajadasaurus has been repainted by Martin Garratt.

Picture credit: Elizabeth

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The Painted Model (Dorsal View) Showing the Delicate Stripes on the Top of the Body and Tail

CollectA Bajadasaurus repainted.
A dorsal view of the repainted CollectA Bajadasaurus.

Picture credit: Elizabeth