How to Assemble the Rebor X-REX (Broodlord)

The 1:35 scale Rebor Broodlord figure, a cross between an alien and a tyrannosaurid, has wowed collectors and model fans.  It is the first of four figures to be introduced in this series.  A second Broodlord is planned, the second model will have an “organic” colour scheme.  The other two figures will be known as “Swarm” and just like Broodlord, two colour variants will be offered “plague” and “radioactive”.

In order to protect the carefully sculpted back spikes, the typically tyrannosaurid arms and that beautiful, intricate extended jaw, during transit, Rebor has not attached them to the replica, the model has to be assembled, but this does not take too long.  Everything Dinosaur has created a short video that explains how to assemble the model and provides a few tips and tricks along the way.

How to Assemble the 1:35 Scale Rebor Broodlord X-REX

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

An Impressive Extra-terrestrial Figure

The model measures an impressive 43 cm in length and Broodlord stands around 14 cm high at the shoulders.  In our video, (it lasts a fraction over 9 and 1/2 minutes), we examine the model in detail, discuss the other figures in this xenomorph/tyrannosaurid line and explain how to fix the four back spikes into their slots behind the animal’s shoulders without them wobbling.  We also demonstrate how to insert the two-fingered, small arms and then we show how the top of a ballpoint pen can be used to help secure the jaw extension into the lower jaw.

The Rebor Broodlord X-REX Model (Metallic Variant)

Measuring the Rebor Broodlord X-REX model.

The Rebor 1:35 scale Broodlord X-REX replica is one of the biggest figures that Rebor has made to date.  The figure measures approximately 43 cm long.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Insert the Tail Before Adding the Arms

The narrator provides plenty of help and advice to assist with figure assembly.  For example, it is recommended that the tail is inserted in place prior to adding the arms.  To secure the tail requires a firm push and by not adding the arms you can give yourself a greater purchase on the body to help you ensure that the flexible tail piece is inserted neatly and securely into place.

It is fitting that we have made one of our longest videos featuring one of Rebor’s longest (if not the longest replica) produced by this exciting company to date.  This video is available on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel, a channel dedicated to dinosaur and prehistoric animal model collecting.

Visit Everything Dinosaur on YouTube here: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

To purchase the fantastic Rebor 1:35 Broodlord X-REX model and to see the rest of the Rebor range: Rebor Models, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals.

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