New for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus (Sneak Peek)

Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy over the last few days posting up pictures of the new for 2020 Papo prehistoric animal models.  They have featured the new colour variant feathered Velociraptor, Chilesaurus, the pachycephalosaur Stygimoloch, Megaloceros and have even made a short video featuring the new colour variant Parasaurolophus dinosaur model.  The largest dinosaur figure to be introduced this year by Papo is the Giganotosaurus, naturally our staff have posted up plenty of pictures of this new replica too.

In addition, we have produced a short video on this new model, a dinosaur replica that has divided opinions.  In our video (it lasts three minutes), we show the prototype production model and then discuss some of the features of this new sculpt.

The New for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model (Sneaky Peek)

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

How to Pronounce Giganotosaurus

Named and described in 1995, this South American theropod (Giganotosaurus carolinii), is regarded as one of the largest, if not the largest, meat-eating dinosaurs known to science.  Whilst waiting for news of this Papo figure, our team members checked the correct pronunciation of the genus name.  Thanks to the scientists who specialise in the Dinosauria from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), we can confidently state that the accepted scientific pronunciation is Gig-ah-note-oh-sore-us, think of terms like gigabyte or for that matter, gigametre.

The Papo Giganotosaurus (Gig-ah-note-oh-sore-us) Dinosaur Model

Papo Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

The new for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.  It has an articulated lower jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Controversial Dinosaur Model

When the first images of this new model were released, the pose of this dinosaur attracted a lot of comments.  In Everything Dinosaur’s brief video review, we look at the prototype figure and then discuss some of the other features of the sculpt, such as the detailed paint scheme and the quality of the skin tone and texture.  The detail on the head of the dinosaur is remarked upon.  The narrator comments on the skull shape and the attention to detail that can be seen in the depiction of the skull fenestrae.

A View of the Papo Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model (Prototype)

The new for 2020 Papo Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

A photograph of the Papo Giganotosaurus prototype model in a display case.  Can you see the head of the new for 2020 Papo Chilesaurus by the right foot of the theropod?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The video can also be found on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.  Our YouTube channel contains lots of helpful videos about prehistoric animal models and figures.  To visit our YouTube channel and to subscribe: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

To see the range of Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models.

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