New for 2020 Papo Megaloceros

Yesterday, Everything Dinosaur published details of five new dinosaur models coming out from Papo in 2020.  These models caused quite a lot of reaction, as was to be expected.  However, there is a sixth prehistoric animal due out from Papo next year, one that we deliberately chose not to include in our dinosaur themed blog post, it was only late in the afternoon that we posted up pictures of this sixth model on our social media sites.

Today, we can give this new for 2020 Papo prehistoric animal the platform it deserves, as there is going to be a Papo Megaloceros!

New for May 2020 the Papo Megaloceros

Papo Megaloceros model.
Papo adds a prehistoric mammal to its model range in 2020.  The Papo Megaloceros.

A Magnificent Papo Megaloceros Model

Megaloceros is an extinct member of the deer family (Cervidae).  One species, the largest and type species M. giganteus, is often referred to as the “Irish Elk”, although it was not restricted to Ireland and it is not that closely related to the Elk.  The Papo model depicts this giant deer (the largest species exceeded two metres in height at the shoulder), as a magnificent animal, those colossal antlers have been skilfully crafted and the paintwork and detailing are superb.  There have been models of Megaloceros produced before, perhaps most famously by Bullyland of Germany, but this figure has long since been retired.

It is great to see such a staple of European natural history museum extinct mammal galleries depicted as a model.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“With five dinosaur models to announce we thought it best to introduce these first before turning our attention to the magnificent Megaloceros figure.  With many prehistoric mammal models, they can be lost in the swirl of excitement and debate that accompanies the release of information about new dinosaur replicas and figures, we wanted to give the new Papo Megaloceros room to breathe, as this in our view is a wonderful figure, our personal favourite of the new for 2020 Papo prehistoric animals.”

The Fossilised Remains of a Megaloceros on Display at the National Museum of Scotland

A giant Irish Elk on display.
A Megaloceros skeleton on display.  Many specimens of Megaloceros adorn the mammal galleries of European natural history museums. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

View the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Due Out in May 2020

The Megaloceros model is likely to be available from Everything Dinosaur around May 2020, beating the introduction of the Papo dinosaur figures by several months.  We promise our blog readers that we keep them all posted about this model’s production and when it is going to be in stock.

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