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9 05, 2017

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Ceratosaurus

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A Papo Ceratosaurus Video Review

Those clever and talented people at JurassicCollectables have posted up another dinosaur model review onto their YouTube channel.  This time it is the stunning new for 2017 Papo Ceratosaurus in the spotlight.    The Papo Ceratosaurus is one of six new dinosaurs or repainted dinosaurs being added to the Papo range this year and it has attracted praise from many model forums and collecting communities, it is a fantastic model of the Late Jurassic predator.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Jurassic Collectables

Ceratosaurus Takes Centre Stage

In this video, which lasts a little over four minutes, the narrator takes the viewer on a guided tour of this excellent figure.  Starting with a detailed examination of the skull and that articulated lower jaw, the spokesperson for JurassicCollectables comments on the use of various washes to add detail and the careful choice of paints as well as highlighting how nicely sculpted the digits and claws are.  In a lot of the artwork that depicts Theropod dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation of the western United States, it is often the larger Allosaurus that is given centre stage, a case in point being the David Bonadonna artwork that accompanied our article (May 5th), on the new diplodocid Galeamopus pabsti.*

With the introduction of the Papo Ceratosaurus dinosaur model, Ceratosaurus is likely to gain in popularity, especially amongst dedicated collectors, who perhaps may not have heard a lot about this Late Jurassic Theropod.

The Papo Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Ceratosaurus model.

Papo Ceratosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Several Species within the Ceratosaurus Genus

A number of species have been assigned to the Ceratosaurus genus, including a species from Portugal and a tentative assignment after fossil material was discovered in Tanzania.  The large skull in proportion to the body size has been captured in this Papo replica and the JurassicCollectables video review provides plenty of scope for viewers to study this replica from a variety of angles.  Those bony ridges (extensions of the lacrimal bones), are shown in close-up view and the narrator takes care to discuss the paintwork associated with the dermal armour that runs down the back and the flanks.

The New for 2017 Papo Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Ceratosaurus.

The Papo Ceratosaurus dinosaur figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Scale Comparisons with Other Papo Models

A feature of the video reviews from JurassicCollectables are the size comparisons undertaken using other well-known prehistoric animals.  Naturally, “off-colour Alan” is on hand to help out and in this video, the 2016 Papo Kaprosuchus along with a Papo Velociraptor figure are used to provide an indication of the size of the Ceratosaurus.  For good measure, the recently reviewed Papo Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model is filmed next to the Papo Ceratosaurus.  It is great to see these highly collectable figures shown in this way.

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel is jam-packed with hundreds of amazing and very informative dinosaur and prehistoric animal videos.  Everything Dinosaur recommends subscribing to this really well managed channel: Find JurassicCollectables on YouTube Here

Papo’s “Les Dinosaures” Model Range

Although, Papo has chosen not to create scale models, their range of prehistoric animal figures is increasingly rapidly.  In addition, to the models already introduced this year, Everything Dinosaur is expecting stocks of the new Dimorphodon, Cave Bear, Smilodon and the Cryolophosaurus dinosaur to arrive shortly.  In terms of Theropods (not including models of birds), Papo currently offers nearly a dozen Theropods and several variations of the most popular carnivorous dinosaurs such as Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex.  There are plans to add yet more in the late autumn, (more about this nearer the time).  For the moment, we shall watch the JurassicCollectables Papo Ceratosaurus video review once more.

To the full range of Papo prehistoric animals including the Papo Ceratosaurus model on Everything Dinosaur’s website: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

*To read Everything Dinosaur’s article on Galeamopus pabstiWhipping Up Interest in Whiplash Dinosaurs

9 05, 2017

Long-necked Dinosaur Drawings

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Children Draw Long-necked Dinosaurs

When visiting schools to conduct our dinosaur and fossil themed workshops we often get told about the children’s favourite dinosaurs.  Meat-eaters such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor and Spinosaurus tend to be the most popular, but not too far behind come some of the iconic plant-eaters, especially the super-sized, long-necked giants like Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus.  It is a pleasure to receive pictures from children, who have taken the trouble to send in a drawing of their favourite dinosaur.

A Long-necked Dinosaur Drawing (Reception-aged Child)

A long-necked dinosaur drawing.

A drawing of a long-necked, green dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Extension Ideas Come from Dinosaur and Fossil Themed Workshops

During our dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, we take the opportunity to develop a number of ideas and activities that can be used as extensions to help support learning.  These extension ideas could involve a numeracy related activity, or have a literacy focus such as helping to develop the children’s vocabulary.  One of our favourites, is to propose a simple drawing activity which entails drawing a big long-necked prehistoric animal.  This dinosaur themed drawing exercise links to the expressive arts and design element of the curriculum, involving children exploring and playing using a wide range of materials and media.  This sort of activity encourages young learners to share their feelings, thoughts and ideas via a variety of art themed exercises.

Dinosaurs Laid Eggs – An Idea Reinforced Through a Drawing Activity

A dinosaur with its egg.

Dinosaurs laid eggs. Reinforcing learning via an art exercise.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows a drawing of a long-necked dinosaur (the technical name is Sauropodomorpha), the child has illustrated her drawing by including a picture of a dinosaur egg.  During our dinosaur workshop, we showed the class pieces of fossilised dinosaur eggshell and explained that as far as we know, dinosaurs laid eggs, just like their close relatives the birds.   An extension activity involving a drawing exercise has helped reinforce this aspect of the term topic – that dinosaurs laid eggs.

An Illustration of a Brachiosaurus

Papo Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

The Papo Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Brachiosaurus “arm lizard”, is one of the most popular long-necked dinosaurs.  Children love the idea that a fully grown Brachiosaurus could see into the windows of a three-storey high building.  It’s all those amazing facts and figures, the budding palaeontologists seem to be able to absorb them like a sponge taking up water.

For further information about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools: Contact Everything Dinosaur/Request a Quotation

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