A Terrific Triceratops!

Whilst visiting Thorpe Hesley Primary in south Yorkshire today, one of Everything Dinosaur’s dinosaur experts spotted some very colourful Triceratops artwork.  The very friendly looking horned dinosaur stands guard at one of the school gates and welcomes the children into the school.  Our congratulations to the artist for creating such an attractive piece of dinosaur-themed art.

Colourful Triceratops Artwork Spotted at the School


Picture Credit: Thorpe Hesley Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Flowers and Social Insects

The herbivorous Triceratops is standing amongst some flowers whilst a bee buzzes towards the dinosaur.  Social insects such as bees were present in the Cretaceous, the geological time period in which Triceratops lived.  Fossils of insects preserved inside amber (fossilised tree resin), have given scientists lots of information about the type of insects that existed during the time of the dinosaurs.  In addition, palaeontologists also know that flowers existed on our planet long before the large, horned dinosaurs, such as Triceratops (Chasmosaurinae) evolved.

The sight of a friendly dinosaur welcoming the children fits in well with the Year 1 term topic (dinosaurs and fossils).  Everything Dinosaur was visiting the school to deliver a dinosaur and fossil workshop, a provocation, to help kick-start the term topic and to enthuse the pupils and their teachers.

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