Valentine’s Day and Dinosaurs

Romance may not be something readily associated with the Dinosauria.  However, to reflect this special day, Everything Dinosaur team members have reviewed some of the blog articles posted on this site that look at research into dinosaur behaviour and potential courtship displays.

The Courtship Behaviour of Dinosaurs

The Dinosauria and Romance?

Love in the time of the dinosaurs.

I love dinosaurs!

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For example, in early January 2016, we wrote about some recently published research that may have provided an insight into dinosaur display behaviour.  Could scrapes and gouges preserved in stone be dinosaur dance moves?

To read an article entitled: Dance of the Dinosaurs.

In November 2016, Everything Dinosaur reported upon the discovery of an Early Cretaceous bird that was very much a show-off.  Its plumage was sparkly and iridescent, probably for display in order to catch the eye of a potential mate.

To read more about this: Prehistoric Bird with Bling!

A Dinosaur Which Lost Its Heart

In a paper published seventeen years ago, an iron concretion found in association with the fossilised remains of a Thescelosaurus (Ornithopoda), which had been found in 1993, was described as a four-chambered heart.  This caused a sensation at the time in palaeontological circles.  It had long been speculated that the Dinosauria did indeed have fully divided hearts similar to those seen in mammals and those close relatives of the dinosaurs, birds(Aves).

However, a study published in 2011, left a number of palaeontologists “broken hearted”.  Researchers including scientists from North Carolina Museum, subjected the concretion to more powerful CT scans and the imagery produced debunked the idea that this was the fossilised remains of a dinosaur’s heart.

To read more about the 2011 research: Dinosaur Left “Broken Hearted”.

Happy Valentines!

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