Unique Dinosaur Workshops Get Five Star Rating

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Dinosaur Workshops Get Top Marks from Teachers

Everything Dinosaur’s teaching work in schools continues to impress teachers and teaching assistants and the company has achieved a top rating of five stars for its school visits.  Feedback forms received average five stars, the highest mark available on Everything Dinosaur’s rating system.  After a dinosaur workshop we ask the teaching team to provide feedback on our performance, how we engaged the children, the way in which we adjusted our work to meet the learning needs of the class and how we were able to assist the teachers in helping them to achieve their lesson outcomes.

Everything Dinosaur Visiting Schools

Our efforts in these areas have resulted in Everything Dinosaur’s workshops in schools getting a top rating.

Five Stars for Everything Dinosaur

Top marks for dinosaur company.

Top marks for dinosaur company.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Feedback after Dinosaur Workshops

The average rating is calculated by software embedded in the company’s specialist teaching website.  This information is then displayed on the front of Everything Dinosaur’s feedback/rating page.  In this way, any prospective customer can see instantly how our workshops are rated.  There are also pages and pages of teaching reviews available, all written by teaching professions, senior leadership team (SLT) members or teaching assistants who have experienced one of our workshops first hand.

The Rating System on the Everything Dinosaur Teaching Feedback Form

Great feedback for Everything Dinosaur's teaching work in schools.

Great feedback for Everything Dinosaur’s teaching work in schools.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rating Everything Dinosaur

We ask the teacher to rate our work and to write comments regarding our performance.  Sometimes, as in the picture above we even get a smiley face from the feedback provider.

Five out of Five for our Dinosaur Workshops in Schools

Top marks from teachers from Everything Dinosaur.

Top marks from teachers from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It seems that smiley faces are a common currency in the teaching profession.  However, we also ask teaching professionals to provide reviews and comments with regards to our dinosaur and fossil workshops.  This information is used to help us to improve what we offer to schools and other educational establishments.  We are grateful for all the feedback we receive, for example Kim, a Year 4 teacher at Bispham Endowed Primary School wrote:

“Fabulous!  Very interesting!  The children really engaged and focused, they thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you.”

This is very typical of the sort of feedback that our team members receive.  Simone, working with Foundation Stage children at Withinfields Primary provided Everything Dinosaur with the following review:

“Thank you!  We all really enjoyed the session.  It was very interesting and has given us a fantastic start to our new topic.  We are looking forward to developing our knowledge of dinosaurs further.”

Dinosaur Workshops

Such feedback is very important to us, it allows our team members to consider and take on advice and constructive comments so that they can make their teaching work in schools even more effective.

With the roll out of the new curriculum in England, with its emphasis on scientific enquiry and scientific working our visits to schools are becoming increasingly popular, especially when you consider that rocks and fossils are teaching elements in the science curriculum for Lower Key Stage 2 and the Year six students are expected to know something about adaptation, extinction, inheritance and natural selection.

To read more feedback visit the Everything Dinosaur testimonials page: Everything Dinosaur Testimonials.

For Everything Dinosaur, our teaching about dinosaurs in schools continues to attract top marks from teachers. Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.