Kingswood Primary Academy Learn About Dinosaurs

It may be August and the school holidays but there is no rest for the dedicated teaching team at Everything Dinosaur.  Today, Everything Dinosaur visited Kingswood Primary Academy (Northamptonshire), to support the summer school focusing on literacy with a dinosaur theme.  The children, the majority of which are at Key Stage Two, took part in  a number of exercises and activities with a dinosaur and fossil theme.

Everything Dinosaur

One of our dinosaur experts led a tactile fossil handling session exploring how fossils form and what they can teach us about life in the past.  In addition, we supplied an array of resources including fact sheets, drawing materials and lesson plans to help the teachers.  The children were challenged to design their own dinosaur and we saw some wonderful, creative prehistoric animals.

Colourful Dinosaurs Inspired by Everything Dinosaur Workshop

Dinosaurs helping with literacy

Lots of facts and dinosaur information.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Kingswood Primary Academy

Dinosaurs Helping with Literacy

With the focus on literacy, we challenged the children to include lots of labels and information about their dinosaur creation.

In a third session over the day, we helped the children build a dinosaur timeline so that they could show which prehistoric animals lived during the Mesozoic Era.  Using pegs and string the children, helped by the enthusiastic teaching team at Kingswood Primary Academy produced a set of super dinosaur timelines featuring lots of different dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

The Dinosaur Timeline Created by One of the Student Groups

Dinosaurs helping with literacy. Dinosaurs at summer school.

Amazing facts all about prehistoric life.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Kingswood Primary Academy

Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of prehistoric animal and dinosaur models: Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaur Models.

Prehistoric Animal Fact Sheets

Once again, we encouraged the children to include lots of facts and information on their dinosaur and prehistoric animal timelines. The summer school, which will run over the next two weeks, has certainly got off to a great start.

Commenting on Everything Dinosaur’s contribution Andy Bark, (class teacher for Year 5) stated:

“The activities engaged and motivated the children and it was a super day!  Thanks.”

The children at Kingswood Primary Academy enjoyed the start of their dinosaur themed summer school with a visit from a fossil expert from Everything Dinosaur to help kick-off proceedings.  We will be back next week to provide further support and assistance to the teaching team.  Next week, we are off on a fossil hunt!

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.