Combe Down Year 6 Classes Study Life in the Past

Children in Year 6 (classes 6RH and 6W), have been learning all about life in the past and natural selection.  With the likes of Stonehenge on their doorstep, the school in the pretty village of Combe Down is surrounded by evidence of Stone Age and Bronze Age settlements.  The children have been studying life in the past and making some wonderful charcoal impressions of cave paintings as well as some very realistic prehistoric jewellery.

Life in the Past

Stone Age Studies for School Pupils

Children Learn about the Stone Age.

“Stomp, stomp, roar”! The class make books about dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These studies helped the students as they are now going on to study evolution and natural selection whilst in Upper Key Stage 2.  Both classes in Year 6 will be studying evolution and a visit from Everything Dinosaur provided a perfect provocation to help kick the topic off.  The teaching team too, were grateful for the visit from Everything Dinosaur.

Dinosaur Workshop

The fossil expert was able to provide a foundation for the children’s studies and to point out to them that their school was made from limestone formed during the Jurassic (Bathonian limestone).  Year 6 certainly enjoyed their evolution workshop and Everything Dinosaur promised to send onto the school addition resources linked to extinction and habitat change so that the teachers could undertake some exciting extension activities.

Contact Everything Dinosaur to see the range of models, toys and gifts: Everything Dinosaur.

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