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6 08, 2014

Getting Ready for “Back to School”

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Dinosaurs for School

The first week of August is nearly over and team members at Everything Dinosaur are busy finalising their teaching plans and activities for the next school term.  It feels like only yesterday we were completing our last round of dinosaur themed workshops in school at the start of the summer holidays, and now we are busy preparing for 2015 and beyond.  Roll on the next school year.

When it comes to equipping young palaeontologists in readiness  for school, Everything Dinosaur has just about everything any dinosaur fan might need.  From pencils, pens, art materials, books, school sets, soft and cuddly school back packs and even school lunch boxes (all with a dinosaur theme of course), Everything Dinosaur is a one stop shop for back to school products and stationery.

Back to School 2014/15 with Everything Dinosaur

Get ready to "roar" back to school.

Get ready to “roar” back to school.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Dinosaur Themed School Products.

The picture shows the new banner which has in the centre of it the soft and cuddly Tyrannosaurus rex back pack that we supply.  Naturally, our dedicated dinosaur experts ensure that a T. rex fact sheet is sent out with sales of this popular dinosaur themed school back pack as well, it is our way of helping to inform and educate the next generation of scientists.

Our new schools website is ready for launch, packed with lots of helpful advice, lesson plans and free downloads for teachers, learning support providers and for those who home school.  For further information on Everything Dinosaur’s range of prehistoric animal themed toys and games: Everything Dinosaur. our team members have been very busy putting together new schemes of work to help support the new teaching curriculum.

So it’s full steam ahead, now where did we put our exercise books?

6 08, 2014

Back to School

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Getting Ready for the Challenges of the New Autumn Term

There may be a few weeks left of the summer holiday, but many teachers and teaching assistants are already busy preparing for the start of the autumn term.  In many cases (English schools), there is the challenge of the new curriculum to look forward to, however, we at Everything Dinosaur are doing our best to help.

Soon be Time to Go Back to School

Back to school with Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur stocks an amazing range of dinosaur themed back to school items.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We also appreciate that for those who choose to educate their children at home, the summer break is far from a break with teaching work continuing.  For our team members too, the last month or so has seen us working hard on a number of new lesson plans in support of the rocks and fossils element of the new curriculum in England for Year 3.  These lesson plans and teaching resources are available as free downloads, in addition our team members are happy to be contacted so that individual enquiries can be dealt with.

For dinosaur themed school resources such as school kits and stationery: Dinosaur Themed Back to School Items.

Learning support providers are in the process of writing and organising their teaching workloads for the coming school year.  There are some very exciting changes to the curriculum, for example, in England, in the science section, the emphasis is on a more rigorous teaching programme with a focus on “scientific working”.

Back to school themed dinosaur school resources available from Everything Dinosaur.

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