Pupils at Nessfield Primary Learn All About Dinosaurs

Year 2 pupils at Nessfield Primary have been busy this term studying dinosaurs under the guidance and tutelage of the school’s enthusiastic teaching staff.  A team member at Everything Dinosaur came along to show the children some real fossils and undertook some fossil casting so that the children could have a go at making their very own museum quality replicas.  The classroom was filled with lots of examples of prehistoric animal themed activities, including fact cards, posters, examples of creative writing and lots and lots of colourful dinosaur inspired artwork.

Dinosaur Themed Day

Classroom with its Own Dinosaur Facts Board

Lots of information about dinosaurs on display.

Lots of information about dinosaurs on display.

Picture credit: Nessfield Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Mrs O’Hara and Miss Powney had taken some images of different types of dinosaur and challenged the children to label the body parts accurately.  Megan’s Allosaurus was particularly impressive, as Megan had labelled it correctly and pointed out which parts of the worksheet were captions and headings.

Dinosaur Term Topic

Dinosaurs as a term topic lends itself to all sorts of extension activities helping young minds get to grips with numeracy and literacy.  Thanks to some ammonite fossils, including some exceptionally big ones, the children learned how fossils are formed and they even got to see a model of what scientists think ammonites looked like.

With the assistance of Mrs Hirst and Mrs McNally the children had been exploring dinosaur topic vocabulary, learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, very helpful when it came to looking at different types of dinosaur teeth and helping a long-necked dinosaur to digest its dinner, just one of the experiments the children conducted.

Learning About Dinosaurs

Lots of facts about dinosaurs.

Lots of facts about dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Nessfield Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Challenging the Children

Our dinosaur expert challenged the children to test out their creative writing skills by writing about the things that they had studied on the day.  Under the supervision of Mrs O’Hara the children set about this task with tremendous enthusiasm and some examples of their work were sent to Everything Dinosaur’s office – thanks to Alex, Aidan, Lily, Lewis, Kieran, Emily, Rebecca, Meia and Yasmin for their lovely letters.  Mrs O’Hara even joined in and sent us a short note of thanks for all our hard work in helping to add a new and exciting dimension to the term topic.

Thank You Note From Teacher

Teacher says thanks.

Teacher says thanks.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Letters, Pictures and Posters

We get sent lots of letters, pictures, posters and other artwork from young dinosaur fans.  Our team members read them all and then they get posted up on the walls of our warehouse.  We will put up further examples of the children’s work on our Facebook page and such like but below are some examples of the letters the children wrote.

Rebecca Writes a Thank you Letter

Rebecca had fun making the fossils.

Rebecca had fun making the fossils.

Picture credit: Rebecca (Year 2)

Rebecca enjoyed learning about how fossil casts are made and liked it when her teacher got to handle some of the fossils herself and describe them to the children.

Aidan Recalls His Favourite Bits

Aidan had fun learning about dinosaurs.

Aidan had fun learning about dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Aidan

Young Alex, even sent in a drawing of an ammonite in with his thank you letter.  A super cephalopod Aidan, well done!

Alex Now Knows All About Ammonites

Alex likes Ammonites.

Alex likes ammonites.

Picture credit: Alex

That’s a super drawing of a spiral shelled ammonite with its very wiggly tentacles.

With the enthusiastic teaching team of Mrs O’Hara, Miss Powney,  Mrs Hirst and Mrs McNally to assist them the children demonstrated their learning and they were eager to share what they knew with our dinosaur expert, who, in turn did his best to answer all their questions.

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