Toby Sends in his Prehistoric Animal Drawings to Everything Dinosaur

At Everything Dinosaur, we get lots of letters, emails, drawings and pictures sent into us.  We do try to respond to all that we receive, even though there are quite a few mail sacks in the office.  We get asked lots of questions about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures and we email out replies  and explanations as quickly as we can.  A typical example came in yesterday from Toby (aged 5) and his mum.

Toby very kindly sent in a couple of drawings of some of his favourite prehistoric animals, a prehistoric crocodile and  a drawing featuring Inostrancevia (a sabre-toothed predator of the Late Permian) and Scutosaurus, a huge, armoured reptile that weighed more than a 1,000 kilogrammes.

Thank You Letter

Toby’s Drawing of a Prehistoric Crocodile

Toby draws a crocodile

Toby draws a crocodile.

Picture credit: Toby (aged 5)

Prehistoric Crocodiles

We note the careful way that Toby drew the nostrils on the tip of the upper jaw.  Based on studies of prehistoric crocodiles such as Sarcosuchus, scientists believe that these enormous crocodiles could lie almost completely submerged waiting to ambush dinosaurs as they came down to the water to drink.  The long jaws of Toby’s crocodile would make this particular crocodile a fearsome hunter.

Toby Sketches the Permian

Inostrancevia and Scutosaurus from the Permian

Inostrancevia and Scutosaurus from the Permian.

Picture credit: Toby (aged 5)

Inostrancevia was a member of the gorgonopsid group of reptiles.  We think that in some parts of the world, places like northern Russia for example, gorgonopsids and scutosaurs lived together.  It is likely that the carnivorous gorgonopsids preyed upon herbivores like Scutosaurus.  We don’t get many pictures of Permian creatures sent into us and Toby must know his prehistoric animals as he has pictured these two animals together.

A Picture of a Typical Gorgonopsid (Inostrancevia)

Sabre-toothed predator

Sabre-toothed predator.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Armoured Herbivore Scutosaurus


Scutosaurus – thank you for the excellent illustration.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Thank You Note

Toby sent in a thank you note, he did very well with the spelling, indeed, we encourage mums and dads to get their young charges to write about dinosaurs.  This is a great way to help children practice their hand writing skills. Our thanks to Toby and his mum for sending in these items to us.

One point raised in the letter that accompanied Toby’s drawings, was that Toby thinks that we at Everything Dinosaur post all the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals by hand, this is the point that Toby’s mum raised.

Toby Believes You Post Dinosaurs by Hand

Toby is right!

Toby is right!

Picture credit: Toby’s Mum

This is an interesting point, Toby is right, we do check customer’s orders and post out all the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals by hand.  For an explanation, we asked Sue (our leader), to highlight how customer’s orders get packed and despatched.

Sue commented:

“When it comes to sorting out customer’s orders very specialist knowledge is needed, after all, our packing team have to be able to tell their pachycephalosaurs from their pachyrhinosaurs so we check over each other’s work to make sure we have put the right prehistoric animals in the right parcel.  This also means that we can inspect and check the models to make sure they are in tip-top condition when they get sent out.  

Sue went onto state:

An occasional problem we have found is that some items, such as large dinosaur models, can arrive in our warehouse with a little bit of damage after their journey to us from the factory, all deliveries get inspected, but by checking over the models before they get packed into an order, we have an extra safeguard in place.  Everyone at Everything Dinosaur gets involved, it’s all about trying to provide the best service we can.”

Picking, Packing and Despatching Orders

So Toby is right, we all get involved with checking, packing and despatching parcels.  Also, we all get the chance to view and admire the many pictures and drawings that get sent into us.  We are grateful for all that we receive, so our thanks to Toby and his mum for taking the time to send in the drawings.

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