Celebrating Everything Dinosaur’s Eighth Anniversary – Many Happy Returns

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Happy Eighth Birthday Everything Dinosaur

Today marks the official birthday of Everything Dinosaur, our eighth birthday to be precise.  We had to come up with an official starting date many years ago and August 1st seemed as good as any we could think of.  Everything Dinosaur team members had been working on all sorts of dinosaur and prehistoric animal projects way before, but with all the forms and documents businesses have to fill in these days, a “start” date is often needed so this date became our official birthday.

Everything Dinosaur

Traditional gifts for an eighth anniversary are bronze and pottery, so we set about trawling the Everything Dinosaur photo archives for some appropriate images.  It’s amazing you can never find pictures of pottery dinosaurs when you need them.  Ironically, we have quite a few pictures of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals cast in bronze, but not a single pottery or china dinosaur amongst our vast image collection (that we could find anyway).

Bronze Albertosaurus from Canada

A bronze dinosaur

A bronze dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Happy Birthday Everything Dinosaur

As team members visit schools they often get the chance to view the dinosaur themed arts and crafts created by the children as they study prehistoric animals.  We have not come across a lot of pottery prehistoric animals but whilst working with a reception and year 1 class this spring, we were shown their collection of dinosaurs and other monsters that they had created in clay.  Not quite pottery dinosaurs but as close as we could get from our archives.

Clay Prehistoric Animals on Display at Primary School

Not quite pottery dinosaurs, but as close as we could get.

Not quite pottery dinosaurs, but as close as we could get.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Perhaps we could cheat a bit and list some Chinese dinosaurs, although not made from pottery we could at least say that they come from China.  It would be a big list, there are so many new dinosaur discoveries coming out of China at the moment.  The Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology (IVPP) in Beijing has more than 200,000 fossil vertebrate specimens, a good portion of these are dinosaurs and holotype material.  The museum was only established in 1957, we wonder if they have any images of pottery dinosaurs in their enormous collection?

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