Giovanni Gets Creative with Clay

A few days ago, Everything Dinosaur team members put out an appeal on the company’s Facebook page for pics of clay dinosaurs.  An unusual request, but the explanation for it is quite simple.  August 1st is the official 8th anniversary of Everything Dinosaur and a traditional gift associated with this landmark, is china or pottery.

Impressive Clay Models

Staff went through lots of pictures from our own archives but we could not find many examples of pottery or clay dinosaurs, so we put out an appeal.   We received a lot of pics and we are grateful for all of them, however, a special mention goes to Giovanni of Italy who sent in some lovely jpegs of his very clever and well crafted clay prehistoric animals.

Amongst the pictures Giovanni sent in was one of a pair of his clay models, a replica of the bizarre Therizinosaurus standing next to a Desmatosuchus, an armoured herbivorous reptile which lived during the Triassic.   We think the models are excellent and we are always impressed at the creativity and skill of our customers.

Giovanni’s Clay Prehistoric Animal Models

magnifico, eccellente

Magnifico, eccellente!

Picture credit: Giovanni from Italy

Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur congratulated Giovanni for his wonderful creations and explained how much team members enjoyed seeing the artistic efforts of customers.

Well done Giovanni, and on behalf of all of us at Everything Dinosaur – grazie.

For dinosaur and prehistoric animal models and figures, take a look at the models section on Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

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