Year 2 Demonstrate their Dinosaur Drawing Skills

Another day and another school visit for Everything Dinosaur, this time to Rode Heath Primary School in Cheshire.  The year two children under the tutelage of Mrs Woollam the class teacher, have been studying dinosaurs this term.  There was lots of artwork on display including a very colourful wall mural showing, in the foreground, a bright orange Tyrannosaurus rex chomping on a bone.

Rode Heath Primary with their own “Walking with Dinosaurs” Wall Display

A very colourful dinosaur scene.

A very colourful dinosaur scene.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex

The T. rex is heading towards a group of herbivorous dinosaurs.  There are horned dinosaurs (Ceratopsians), and an Ankylosaurus whilst amongst the trees two titanosaurs lurk.  It is certainly a very impressive mural.  Forming a border around the picture there are some cut-out tridactyl (three-toed) dinosaur footprints intermingled with footprints made by the school children.

Year two have been busy making exhibits for their very own dinosaur museum.  Teaching Assistant Mrs Hulse was busy taking photographs of the fossils that we brought so that they too could be included in the class museum. Some of the pupils are going to be tour guides for the museum so they will have to “bone up” on lots of dinosaur facts and figures.

Dinosaur Term Topic

Dinosaurs and fossils make an excellent subject for a term topic.  Lots and lots of extension activities can be employed to help children develop writing and numeracy skills.   For example, Mrs Woollam’s class have been working on their own dinosaur “pop-up” books, showcasing some of the artwork they have produced as well as providing a great platform for creative writing.

Chloe Thompson (aged 7), decided to include a very fierce looking meat-eating dinosaur in her pop-up book.   Team members at Everything Dinosaur were very impressed with the big teeth.

Pink and Blue Meat-eating Dinosaur by Chloe Thompson

A very colourful dinosaur.

A very colourful dinosaur.

Picture credit: Chloe Thompson

If you look carefully you can see that Chloe has added some dinosaur bones in the foreground.  Part of the lesson covered the different types of dinosaur, herbivore, carnivore and even omnivores.

Millie and her Herbivorous Dinosaur

A Sauropod suns himself.

A sauropod suns himself.

Picture credit: Millie

Millie chose to depict a plant-eating dinosaur in her pop-up book.  The sauropod is painted with blues, greens and even a little bit of pink – nice one Millie.

Everything Dinosaur

The pupils have had the chance to explore dinosaur footprints, we showed some bones and the children had guess which part of the dinosaur they were.  Jonny (aged 6) depicted a set of dinosaur tracks in his special dinosaur book.

Jonny Illustrates a Set of Dinosaur Footprints

Depicting a Dinosaur Trackway

Depicting a dinosaur trackway.

Picture credit: Jonny (aged 6)

The children had prepared lots of questions, including one about Giganotosaurus.  We did our best to answer them all and to explain about flying reptiles, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  The team members at Everything Dinosaur were most impressed with the creative writing, the artwork and the knowledge demonstrated by the children.

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