Date of Release of Jurassic Park 4 Confirmed

The fourth instalment of the Jurassic Park franchise is due to be released on June 13th 2014.  The current licence holders working in a partnership with Universal Studios merchandising operations for toys and figures – Hasbro, have been retained and we can expect a range of models and other merchandise to be released to coincide with this Summer blockbuster, cinema release.

The first “Jurassic Park” which was released in 1993, remains Universal’s highest grossing film ever, with over $921 million of revenue generated at the box office worldwide.  Expect this figure to be boosted by a considerable amount when the 20th anniversary edition of the original movie now with 3-D added is released in April.

Correction, as of early 2014 the release date was altered to June 12th 2015.

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