Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

The newly released Carnotaurus dinosaur model manufactured by Papo is an excellent representation of a very unusual dinosaur .  Indeed, this prehistoric animal was so unlike most other dinosaurs known to science at the time of its discovery, that when it came to scientifically describing the fossils it was immediately placed into its own, new dinosaur family – the abelisaurids.  It is clear from this dinosaur model that the design team at Papo have taken great care to ensure that their Carnotaurus accurately represents the fossil material.

Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Named in 1985 after the discovery of an almost complete skeleton in Argentina, Carnotaurus is estimated to have been around seven and a half metres in length when fully grown.  As the Papo figure measures a fraction over 19 cms long, from the tip of its tail to the front of its deep, box-like skull, the model is approximately a 1:40 scale replica.

The Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

"Meat-eating Bull" from Papo.

“Meat-eating Bull” from Papo.

Picture credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

“Meat-eating Bull”

The name Carnotaurus means “meat-eating bull”, a reference to the two horns that stick out sideways from the top of the head, just above the eye sockets.  Papo have made the horns on their dinosaur model quite prominent.  These horns would certainly have intimidated a rival if used for display.  Examination of the actual fossil skull material shows that the top portion of the skull is thickened, perhaps these predatory dinosaurs may have butted heads to settle disputes just as some sheep and goats do today – a form of intra-specific combat.  This model shows the sleek and narrow lower jaw typical of an abelisaurid, the mouth is particularly well painted whilst the individual, slender teeth have been very carefully depicted by the design team.

As with a number of theropod dinosaur models available from the Papo “Les Dinosaures” model range, the lower jaw is articulated so the Carnotaurus can be depicted with the mouth closed, or open.

A Close up of the Articulated Lower Jaw of the Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Open Wide!

Open Wide!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Skin impressions preserved at the Patagonian site where the first Carnotaurus fossils were found indicate that this dinosaur was covered in short scales and had rows of bumps along its flanks  that seem to have got bigger and more distinct moving up from the belly towards the spine of the animal.  This skin texture has been authentically reproduced, once again demonstrating the attention to detail of the dedicated designers at the French company.

A Close up of the Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur showing the Skin Detail

Very detailed skin on this new dinosaur model.

Very detailed skin on this new dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

All in all this is an excellent model of a Carnotaurus and one that is a welcome addition to the Papo “Les Dinosaures” model range.  It is sure to prove to be a big hit with dinosaur fans and model collectors.

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