Papo’s Woolly Rhino Prehistoric Animal Model Reviewed

The introduction of a Woolly Rhino model into the Papo model range has given team members at Everything Dinosaur the chance to make a short review of this new figure.  In this brief video (four minutes and four seconds long), we discuss this model and explain the shape of the anterior (nose) horn, as well as providing further information on the Coelodonta.

Papo Woolly Rhino

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Papo Woolly Rhino Model

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Papo Woolly Rhinoceros model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is an excellent model of a Woolly Rhino and one that works really well with the Papo Woolly Mammoths and the cavemen that are already in the Papo model range.  We estimate this Woolly Rhinoceros model (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is made in approximately 1:25 scale.

To view the range of Papo models, including the Woolly Rhino replica  available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models and Replicas.

There have certainly been some exciting additions to the Papo model range over the last few years.