A Review of the Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

We have created a brief review of the new Papo Carnotaurus dinosaur model.  In this short video (about 3 minutes and 45 seconds), we explain some of the science behind the Papo Carnotaurus replica.

Papo Carnotaurus

A Review of the Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this video, we consider the scale size of this model, discuss the shape of the skull and the lower jaw as well as highlighting how the texture the skin reflects the fossil evidence.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur congratulated Papo for adding a replica of a South American, Late Cretaceous abelisaurid dinosaur to their model range commenting:

“Carnotaurus is a popular theropod amongst dinosaur fans. It is wonderful to see Papo adding a replica of this iconic dinosaur to their model range.”

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