A Review of the CollectA Scale Model of T. rex (1:40 Scale)

No dinosaur fan’s model collection is complete without at least one Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model and there are so many to choose from these days.  No self-respecting figure and replica manufacturer can introduce a range of prehistoric animal models without including this most iconic of all the Dinosauria, indeed a number of mainstream model makers have a number of tyrannosaur variants on offer in their product ranges.

Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Model

One interesting example of a Tyrannosaurus rex model is the 1:40 scale model of the “Tyrant Lizard King” made by CollectA.  Firstly, there is the pose.  This T. rex is posed with its head bowed and with its mouth open showing an array of different sized teeth in the jaws.  Most models of this theropod dinosaur portray this animal walking with its head held high, sometimes with the tail dragging on the ground in a bid to balance the model.  The CollectA model attempts to demonstrate behaviour, in our view aggressive behaviour, not necessarily towards another tyrannosaur, where studies of extant animals such as bears and lions suggest that protagonists would try to make themselves as big as possible to deter a rival.  The lowering of the head and the gaping mouth would be at or around the eye-level of a ceratopsian, (horned dinosaur).

The pose of the tyrannosaur model by CollectA may reflect the sort of behaviour adopted by a Tyrannosaurus rex as it attempted to intimidate potential prey.  Of course, this is just speculation, but it demonstrates that considerable thought and care has gone into this particular replica.

The CollectA 1:40 Scale Model T. rex

Interesting pose of this tyrannosaur dinosaur model.

The Size of the Dinosaur Model

The second impressive element is the size of the model.  It measures nearly thirty centimetres in length, making this figure a relatively large dinosaur model, but one that can still be held comfortably by the hands of a small child.  Each of the CollectA scale models is supplied with a little plastic figure, a model of a palaeontologist.  This figure of a man, complete with pickaxe and binoculars, is known as “Sir Arthur Gauge”.  The addition of the human figure allows the size of Tyrannosaurus rex to be appreciated, it provides a scale for the model.

Say Hello to “Sir Arthur”

A clever way to provide a scale for dinosaur models.

Another plus, is that the model is extremely well painted.  The texture of the dinosaur’s skin is carefully picked out using various greens, mustard yellows and browns.  Even the pupils of the eyes can be made out and the teeth have been painted individually.

To view the range of CollectA scale prehistoric animal models available: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Dinosaur Models.

This is an excellent Tyrannosaurus rex model, a replica that demonstrates the care and attention of the design team at CollectA and it makes a fine addition to any dinosaur model fan’s prehistoric animal collection.

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