Caiman Happy In Her New Home

A South American Caiman abandoned outside a pet shop in Wolverhampton back in December 2011 has fully recovered from her ordeal, found a new home and even found love in her crocodile enclosure.  Nick-named “Snappy” when discovered left outside in a plastic box by pet shop owner Jim Wick, the crocodile has been renamed Edith by keepers at Cleethorpes Jungle Zoo who took her in when they heard of her plight.

Crocodile Dumped

Unfortunately, there remains a sizeable trade in illegal, exotic pets such as crocodiles.  These dangerous reptiles do not make good pets, they require very specialised care and even a small crocodile such as Edith would be capable of inflicting serious injury should she get close enough to bite someone.  With the economic downturn, Jim, the owner of a specialist pet shop called Wickid Pets had taken in a number of exotic pets as their former owners no longer wanted to or could afford to look after their charges.

To read the article on the abandoned crocodile: Crocodile Dumped Outside Pet Shop.

Craig Gledhill, the manager at the zoo where Edith now lives is very happy with her progress.  He stated that although she had a bossy and fiesty side to her character she has settled down well and is a popular attraction.  The one-metre-long crocodilian has even found a mate , a male called Colin who shares her enclosure.

It is very pleasing to hear that what was a very sad story when we first reported on this crocodile’s plight has had a happy ending, but we must stress that the keeping of exotic pets is not to be taken on lightly.

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