Working out what a Juvenile Dracorex Might Look Like

Yesterday, we published a couple of images of new models by Safari Ltd.  The 2012 product catalogue produced by this American company depicted a scene with one of their new Wild Safari Dinos models – Dracorex very prominent.  We commented on this picture and changed the original pterosaur image from a Rhamphorhynchus which lived during the Jurassic, replacing it with an image of the Carnegie Collectibles Quetzalcoatlus, which is more in keeping with the Late Cretaceous, the time when Dracorex lived.  We decided to modify the image and add a juvenile Dracorex to the scene.

Juvenile Dracorex

We mentioned that it would be interesting to try and re-size an image of the Dracorex replica, alter the colouration slightly and then re-insert into the artwork so that a juvenile pachycephalosaur could be included.  Using our limited photoshop skills, team members at Everything Dinosaur set about altering the picture so that a young dinosaur could be depicted.

The Safari Ltd Picture with a Juvenile Dracorex 

Adding a baby pachycephalosaur to an image.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd/Everything Dinosaur

As well as re-sizing the model and placing it in the foreground to emphasise the impression of a much smaller animal, we have toned down the bright throat colouration.  The assumption here is that only mature adult animals would have such striking colouration, an indication of their maturity and potential to breed.  The horns and other skull ornamentation have also been removed from the model that we have tried to depict as a young Dracorex.  It is very likely that such crest, bumps and horns were only present in fully grown individuals.  It is a testament to the quality of the models made by Safari Ltd that with a few simple touches, a juvenile dinosaur can be depicted and added to this picture showing the Wild Safari Dinos Dracorex dinosaur model.

To view the range of Wild Safari Prehistoric World models and figures: Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Animal Models.

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