Do we need a Cryptozoologist?

Lots of different jobs today, plenty of variety when you work for Everything Dinosaur.  The usual book keeping, order packing, product testing and such like, but a couple of staff members got the chance to spend part of the day out of the office and warehouse out and about running a few chores.  With the wonderful weather that the majority of the UK is enjoying at the moment, it was a very pleasant afternoon.  However, one of the jobs that had to be done was to get a vehicle repaired – nothing too serious just a tear in the decal/vinyl covering made by school children and their inquisitive fingers prodding things that they should not prod.

Everything Dinosaur

To get a patch of vinyl created from the original artwork of the vehicle livery was a quite complicated and time consuming process.  We had to send pictures of the damaged area to the signage company so that they could try to get as close a match as possible.  This resulted in some very unusual jpeg attachments going back and to with emails throughout the day, strange orange pictures, close up shots of the livery of the van in question.  The tear was first covered in clear vinyl, in a bid to help keep moisture out of the rip, this section was then photographed so that the artwork team could get an idea of the size of the repair and the colour artwork needed.

An example is reproduced below:

Unidentified Dinosaur Object (UDO) at Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A bizarre looking object, definitely dinosaur related but which dinosaur and which part?

The answer is revealed when we include the entire artwork piece in a picture, the tear had occurred in the mouth of the T. rex on the back doors of our van.

Everything Dinosaur – Mystery Object Revealed

The back doors of our “dino van”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

So the mystery object was a close up of the business end of a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Look out for further puzzles and updates on the Everything Dinosaur Blog.

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