Sneak Preview of Next Edition of Prehistoric Times (edition 94)

On Friday, we received an email from our good friend Mike Fredericks (editor of Prehistoric Times magazine), in the email was a sneak preview of the next edition of this magazine for dinosaur fans, palaeoartists and model collectors.

Prehistoric Times Magazine

Prehistoric Times, is the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and it is packed full of news stories, features, artwork and information about the latest developments in palaeontology as well as lots and lots of information about prehistoric animal models.

Sneak Preview of Prehistoric Times (Issue 94)

Prehistoric Times (issue 94).

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

As well as featuring cool prehistoric animals such as the amazing therizinosaurs (Scythe lizards), the giant shark Megalodon and pterosaurs it is going to be fun to read all about the Dryptosaurus project – a campaign to publicise and eventually lead to a mounted exhibit of the USA’s second oldest dinosaur (in terms of date described).

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times.