Frog’s Back in the Pond

We have seen the first frog in the small pond outside the office today.  We had been concerned that the particularly cold winter had killed off a number of the small creatures that reside in and around the pond, however, with the milder weather of the last couple of days it seems that at least one amphibian has been stirred from their winter slumber.

Frog in the Office Pond

It is likely that a number of frogs, toads and other amphibians did not survive the cold.  Unfortunately, a severe winter will often affect the number of small animals and birds that survive into the spring.  We have even been putting food out for the birds in order to help sustain them, particularly over the prolonged period of snow that we have had.

The invertebrates in the pond, notably the water-boatmen have been observed and they are becoming more active as the temperature increases, the plants around the margins have begun to show signs of life and hopefully it will not be long before the frogs spawn in the pond once more.  We have had frogspawn in the pond for the last two springs, the frogs spawning around the first week of April and from what we have observed it is just one female that has laid.  If she has survived, there is a good chance that she will spawn again.  We will have to watch the pond carefully over the next couple of weeks to see if we can spot any more frogs.

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