A Do It Yourself Dinosaur Land

A few months back we received an email from a gentleman asking advice on how to build a dinosaur play set for a very keen nine year-old dinosaur fan.  We get lots of enquiries of this nature and fortunately, most of the team members at Everything Dinosaur have built various play scenes of this type so we were able to help.

Jurassic Park

We provided some information and helpful instructions on how to go about building a “Jurassic Park” play set, with suggestions for landscaping, the types of trees, building a water source and such like.  As the Dinosaurs dominated life on Earth for the best part of 160 million years, there were some dramatic changes in the fauna and flora that shared their world.  Most people think that the vegetation around during the Mesozoic was very exotic with tree ferns, cycads and other unusual plants.

It is certainly true that these types of plants – seed ferns (pteridosperms), Bennettitales and cycads were dominant in the early part of the Mesozoic, but by the Late Cretaceous the flora and indeed parts of the fauna would not have looked out of place today.

In the Late Cretaceous the angiosperms (flowering plants) were becoming increasingly common.  Team members were able to pass on information and advice regarding what would look realistic in a dinosaur themed setting.

We received a lovely picture of the finished play set, complete with some of the models we had supplied.  What a super dinosaur play set, well done to Walter the model maker.

Walter’s Finished Dinosaur Diorama

Picture credit: W. Hugill

Walter’s handy work is excellent and most impressive, we think it is a super table top Jurassic Park.  We have pinned the picture up onto our cork-board notice board in the Everything Dinosaur warehouse, so that everyone can see it.

Customer Comments

On the back of the picture, Walter had written:

“Thought you might be interested in the end result.  Models best I’ve seen, young 9 year-old highly delighted.”

Congratulations to you, and thank you for the kind words about the models we supplied.  Perhaps if Steven Spielberg gets around to making Jurassic Park 4 you might find yourself employed as a set designer.

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