Clever Mums and Cup Cakes – Adding a Dinosaur Theme

At Everything Dinosaur, we receive lots and lots of emails, letters, photos and drawings from dinosaur fans.  In the warehouse, we have a big, cork-board, display board that is supposed to have things like delivery schedules and shipping logs pinned to it, but over the years the use of this board has changed.  More and more pictures, drawings, comments and such like have been put up.  You could say that our message board has “evolved”, it now shows off a huge montage of items sent into us by our customers.  It makes a very colourful display.

Occasionally, we come across correspondence that deserves a special mention.  We are constantly amazed at how resourceful and clever our customers can be.  For example, a lady called Anna wanted to have a special dinosaur themed birthday party for her young son Ben.  Ben, who has just turned three, is an avid dinosaur fan.  Now we all know, how stressful organising a birthday party can be, but to make it a birthday party with a dinosaur theme, one that will meet with the approval of young palaeontologists, that can be a daunting task.  For Anna and her family, this Brachiosaurus sized problem was soon brought down to size with some clever and innovative use of some of Everything Dinosaur’s products.

For example, we stock a little party favour called Dinosaur Rings, a set of five prehistoric animal themed rings for children.  They proved popular with our product testers, the set consisting of a T. rex, Triceratops, a flying reptile (Pteranodon) and two Ice Age animals, a Sabre-toothed cat and a Woolly Mammoth.  Anna very cleverly used the rings as cup cake decorations, turning party cakes into dinosaur themed delicacies that went down a treat with her young guests.

What a Clever use of a Dinosaur Party Favour

Picture credit: Anna

We were all very impressed, and we love the green icing!  What a super idea, we know that to purchase birthday cakes can be very expensive, but with a bit of thought and imagination Mums and Dads can create their very own prehistoric themed party bites.

Up Close to the Cup Cakes

Great Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Food

Picture credit: Anna

We do hear about lots of interesting and innovative ways in which our products are used, but we have not come across this before, the rings make wonderful cake toppers, they are just the right size.  A super idea, once the cake has been devoured your little monsters have a souvenir of the party to take home with them.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal and dinosaur themed toys and gifts available from the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

Happy Birthday to you Ben, and thank you for modelling one of our dinosaur T-shirts (blue T. rex),  you are a very lucky boy to have such delightful party food.

From the pictures we received, it seems like everyone had a good time, great to see our dinosaur party masks were a big success.  Our blog is read by all kinds of people from all over the world, scientists, teachers, model makers, dinosaur fans and we love receiving and reading correspondence from all the enthusiastic people that take the time to contact us.

Thanks once again to Anna and Ben for the pictures.