Van Makes Dinosaur Company a Roaring Success!

For small companies and start up businesses choosing a company van can be fraught with difficulties, especially if the management is not familiar with commercial vehicles.  For team members at Everything Dinosaur, the choice of vehicle was critical, after all, it would have to transport prehistoric animals.

It had always been an ambition of Mike’s to go into business, turning an interest in fossils and palaeontology into a retail company selling prehistoric animal themed products.  As the company, aptly named Everything Dinosaur, expanded and there was increased demand for Mike and his partner Sue Judd to visit schools to provide dinosaur themed lessons, it became increasingly apparent that the business was going to have to acquire a commercial vehicle.  However, neither Mike nor Sue had ever owned a van before and a lack of judgement could have caused Everything Dinosaur to go extinct.

“For us it was a big decision, we wanted a van that would be a reliable and dependable, but also capable of displaying the vehicle graphics required to promote our business, without incurring additional costs from the signage company”, commented Mike.

In the end the choice of transport for the company was straight forward and a Vauxhall Combo CDTI was selected.  Combining economy with a large payload proved a winning combination, the lack of wheel arch intrusion and the helpful low loading height enabling the Combo to cope with some very peculiar cargoes such as models of dinosaur stomachs and a full size replica of a Triceratops jawbone.

Mike and the Everything Dinosaur Vehicle

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“We wanted a commercial vehicle that would help embellish our company image with bodywork that could easily accommodate complex vinyl graphics.  After all, it’s not everyday that a signage company is asked to put a Tyrannosaurus rex on the back of a van”.

The perky 1.7 litre engine has taken trips to remote fossil dig sites as well city centre museums in its stride and the comfortable interior is greatly appreciated especially if staff have been on their feet teaching all day.  Everything Dinosaur may specialise in dinosaurs and these huge creatures may not be known for having big brains, but at least for this unusual company the purchase of a Vauxhall Combo has proved to be a very smart decision.

Extract from Press Release – Commercial Vehicle Magazine (January 2010).

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