Dinosaur Exhibition at Bournemouth International Centre Pulls in the Crowds

If there are any young dinosaur fans at a loose end between now and August 31st, then a trip to the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), Bournemouth, Dorset, is recommended as dinosaurs return to the Jurassic coast.

The BIC is hosting the “Dinosaur Encounter” exhibition a joint effort with the experts and palaeontologists of the Natural History Museum teaming up with animatronic specialists Kokoro to produce an exhibit featuring giant robotic dinosaurs.  The prehistoric creatures include ornithomimids, life-size Oviraptors, plus a Triceratops and its young, a fearsome Ankylosaurus plus of course some meat-eating dinosaurs added for good measure.

Dinosaur Fans

Visitors can marvel at the bizarre Baryonyx, an English dinosaur (fossil remains found in Surrey and in Spain), plus of course there are a couple of fierce tyrannosaurs to keep you amused, should you be brave enough to venture close enough to stare at the metre long jaws of the Tyrannosaurus rex.  This large T. rex model is one of the biggest of its kind in the world, and the exhibit permits visitors to get up close and personal with these huge prehistoric beasts.

Commenting on the event, a team member from Everything Dinosaur who had helped out over the opening weekend of the exhibit stated:

“This is a great family exhibit, at a very family friendly venue, giving young dinosaur fans the opportunity to see some of the best animatronic models of dinosaurs in the world.  The detail is amazing, you really get the feeling that a T. rex is watching you”.

Press Cutting from the BIC (Bournemouth, Dorset) Event

Picture credit: Bournemouth Echo

In addition to running the dinosaur exhibit, the BIC have also opened an ice rink for the Summer holidays, ice skating another fun, filled family activity – why not having visited the dinosaurs try out a little bit of the Ice Age?

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