Little Frogs Starting to Leave the Office Pond

Over the last couple of days we have been keeping a look out for signs of the first of the little frogs from this year’s frogspawn leaving the pond.  We had spotted one tiny froglet, still with a tail earlier this week (Friday), but up until now we had not found any evidence of frogs leaving the pond as fully formed, but tiny frogs ready to begin their amphibious lifestyles.

Little Frogs

To read the article about the froglet spotted last Friday: First Signs of Frogs about to Leave the Pond.

We had started to become a little concerned, as although we knew a number of the tadpoles had nearly completed their metamorphosis into tiny frogs, we had spotted several just a few days ago at an earlier stage of development. Their jaws had not started to form and as a result the head was still quite rounded.  For the last couple of days or so we had seen no sign of any tadpoles.  However, this evening one of the Everything Dinosaur team members spotted three tiny frogs, obviously this years hatchlings, whilst examining a container planted up with some French beans.

Little Frogs Spotted

It seems that some of the tadpoles have made it so far.  Hopefully, they will disperse in the back yard area behind the office and feed well enough over the remaining Summer months to be able to survive the winter.  With a bit of luck some of these tiny frogs will survive long enough to be able to return to our pond in a few years to breed.

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