Young Dinosaur Fans show their Appreciation

With the school summer holidays, team members at Everything Dinosaur organise a series of activities to help entertain and educate children as part of the County Council leisure services summer events.  A typical visit took place yesterday at Poynton Leisure Centre, near Stockport, Cheshire.  We arrived in the afternoon and carried out a number of activities and games with the children, culminating in the creation of a poster montage which we called “Prehistoric Poynton”.  Despite the advances made in the science of palaeontology, there is very little evidence available to indicate what colour dinosaurs actually were.  Although we are all familiar with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from films, books and of course television, the actual colouration of these animals is very much open to debate.

Dinosaur Teaching Lessons

During one of our many dinosaur teaching lessons we carry out a little exercise where we get the young dinosaur fans to interpret dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and advance their own theories.  There are some wonderful ideas put forward and the children help us produce a colourful poster scheme on which they can display all their drawings and information on dinosaurs.  This exercise is certainly a fun and an informative activity and helps young learners to appreciate some of the ideas that we introduce when showing various fossils.

Young Dinosaur Fans

Earlier that day, in preparation for our visit, the children had created thank you cards to give to the Everything Dinosaur team members who were involved in this particular visit.  The children, working closely with the enthusiastic Leisure Centre staff and helpers produced a wonderful collection of thank you cards and pictures.  We added the cards to the poster display that was produced in our activity session, but we did take a card home so that we could pin it up onto our own display board in the warehouse.

A Thank you Card from the Children

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above was presented by a young girl to the Everything Dinosaur team members who took part in the activity session, we thought it a good idea to take a picture of it before we pinned it to our display board.  Always a pleasure to take a break from sorting out Everything Dinosaur toys and dinosaur models and to interact with young dinosaur fans.

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