Frog Blog – Tiny Frog Spotted near Pond

Yesterday one of our team members spotted a tiny frog whilst they were outside watering the office tomato plants (another one of our projects).  The frog was one that had just emerged this year and it was discovered within 5 feet of the office pond.  Although we cannot prove it conclusively, we can surmise that this frog hatched in the pond and had been one of the tadpoles we had been attempting to observe.

Once the tadpoles hatched, within days they disappeared and we thought that they had all perished.  From late April until early July not one single tadpole was seen by any of our staff members.  We were quite surprised, as although the pond was relatively small and shallow we just could not find any amongst the weed.

The Baby Frog

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

However, the finding of a frog that had recently undergone metamorphosis so close to the office pond, with no other water source nearby may indicate that at least one of the tadpoles has made it to the frog stage.  We will keep a close look out in case we spot any more.