Review of Summer Edition of Prehistoric Times (Edition 86)

Another fact filled edition of Prehistoric Times is just out, this is the Summer edition of the quarterly magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  As always the standard of editing and article writing is high with lots of information about new models and the latest developments in palaeontology crammed into the magazine’s 60 colour pages.

The front cover features a Carcharodontosaurus “shark-toothed lizard”, an allosaurid theropod from mid-Cretaceous North Africa.  A representative of a family of dinosaurs that may well turn out to be the largest meat-eating dinosaurs of all.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (ed. 86)

Issue 86.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

There is an extensive article that brings together the latest research on these particular carnivores, informing the reader about the first discoveries of carcharodontosaurids as well us providing updates on the latest interpretations of recently found meat-eaters which may also be classified a members of this dinosaur family.

In addition, there is a super and very practical article written by William Stout on how to become a palaeoartist plus amongst all the other product reviews and news stories there is the first part of a feature by Tracy Ford on swimming dinosaurs.

Pleasing to see those early pioneers of the Sabre-tooth look the Gorgonopsids are included in this edition.  There are lots of drawings of this fierce animal which have been sent in by readers and the article provides readers with further details on some of the 40 different species of family Gorgonopsidae.  Gorgonopsids had their profile raised when one of their kind, Gorgonops was featured in the BBC TV series “Walking with Monsters” and the first series of ITV’s action adventure series “Primeval”.

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