Tadpole Sighting Confirmed

After the unconfirmed sighting of a tadpole in the pond at the back of our offices on Monday (July 7th), when we had thought that all the tadpoles in our pond had perished, we set a competition to see if anyone could prove some tadpoles were still alive.

The last tadpoles had been seen way back at the end of April, for the whole of May and June not a single tadpole had been observed by any of the Everything Dinosaur staff so we had assumed that none of them had survived.  However, last  Monday afternoon, one of our team members claimed to have seen a single tadpole in the shallows.

The prize for proving that at least one tadpole remained was to choose the biscuits we purchase for our tea breaks.  Team members have been taking turns to observe the pond life and no evidence had emerged by Friday so we thought that this little contest would run for a few more days.  However, a tadpole was watched for a few seconds by two members of staff before it disappeared again into the pond weed.

A sighting that had been verified by a second person is good enough so the biscuits for the week are going to be Viennese Whirls.  We debated for a while whether Viennese Whirls are biscuits or not, after all they described my many as “shortcake fancies” but we are not going to argue over a technicality.

Now all we need is photographic evidence, perhaps as the remaining tadpoles develop limbs and develop into the “froglet” stage, we may be able to see them more frequently in the pond shallows.  Perhaps, this will give us the best chance of taking a photograph.