CollectA Not-to-Scale Triceratops Model Praised

One of the first dinosaur models introduced by CollectA was a not-to-scale replica of the famous horned dinosaur called Triceratops (T. horridus).  Part of a set of six prehistoric animal models, the Triceratops figure has proved very popular with dinosaur model collectors and fans, simply because it seems to have a real attitude about it.  The dinosaur is depicted with its huge head tipped forward and low in the classic “charging Triceratops pose” from the 1966 movie “One Million Years B.C.”.

The CollectA Triceratops Dinosaur Model

Collecta Triceratops dinosaur model.

CollectA Triceratops dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Triceratops Dinosaur Model

The model gives the impression of a very heavy and strong dinosaur, one that even the most brave (or desperate) tyrannosaur would not want to face.  The model is well painted in a blueish/grey colour and there is nice detailing around the huge neck frill and the on the skull. The beak on this huge herbivore has been very carefully depicted.

Triceratops regularly features in Everything Dinosaur’s survey of the most popular prehistoric animals.

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