China Takes Over from America in Terms of Dinosaur Species Described

Up until 2007 the United States of America could claim to have had more dinosaur species named and described from fossils found within its borders than any other country in the world.  However, the substantial vertebrate fossil finds from China, including a huge amount of dinosaur fossil material, means that from now on China can claim to have more dinosaurs (in terms of species named).

Chinese Dinosaurs

From Liaoning and the likes of Gansu province a huge amount of dinosaur fossilised bones have been discovered and increasingly a greater proportion of the Dinosauria are being named by Chinese scientists and scholars.

China Has Dinosaurs and Chinese Companies Make Models of Chinese Dinosaurs Too

PNSO dinosaur models (Chinese dinosaurs)..

PNSO prehistoric animal models arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s UK warehouse.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Models of Chinese Dinosaurs

There have been lots of Chinese dinosaurs named and described and Chinese companies are making replicas of them.  For example, of the four PNSO replicas shown in the photograph, two of the new figures are models of Chinese dinosaurs (Sinraptor and Tsintaosaurus).

To view the PNSO range of models and replicas: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Figures and Models.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those Chinese dinosaur experts and everybody else in China!

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