Prehistoric Tree Drawings for Use in Schools

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Mesozoic Flora – Trees for use in Dinosaur Scenes

As well as producing fact sheets on prehistoric animals that team members can send out with every named dinosaur that Everything Dinosaur sells, the dinosaur experts in the company have also been working on the designs for some drawings of prehistoric trees, – cycads, bennettitales and so forth.  These drawings will be used to help our work in schools when we conduct dinosaur workshops.  We can show the young dinosaur fans the sort of plants that herbivorous dinosaurs ate. 

Drawings of Prehistoric Plants

Prehistoric plants.

Prehistoric plants!  Everything Dinosaur team members have been working on some prehistoric plant drawings including cycads and bennettitales.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Plants

CollectA have produced a range of accurate replicas of prehistoric plants including replicas of cycads, palms and a model of a Ginkgo biloba tree.

CollectA Ginkgo biloba model part of a range of replicas of prehistoric plants.

The CollectA Ginkgo biloba tree model.

To view the various prehistoric plant models available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Models of Prehistoric Plants and Prehistoric Animals.

When teaching about dinosaurs in schools, Everything Dinosaur team members build in aspects of the lesson plan that links to parts of the national curriculum such as food chains, food webs and the role of herbivores and carnivores in ecosystems.