I want a Dodo Figure!

Well it is different I suppose, a dodo figure.  One extinct animal is as good as another, although I’m not sure where I can find one, I have never seen one in any shops or on-line, and don’t know if it is part of any range (or what range of animals it would belong to).  At Everything Dinosaur we specialise in dinosaur models and dinosaur toys and we do know the Wild Safari Dinos model range quite well.

Dodo Figure

Started by looking at our books and magazine articles on dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals to see if I could find a picture of a Dodo, and maybe a reference to it.  Found what I wanted in an old book – a reference to Doug Watson (a sculptor), who had made a Dodo model.  Now we just had to find it.

Contacted our American museum friends and found that they did have one that was part of a range called “Wings of the World”, covers a multitude of animals.  At least I now knew what range it belonged too.  One Dodo sourced, and one happy customer.

Fact file – Dodo – common name “nauseating bird”.  Apparently, because when sailors first encountered this bird on the island of Mauritius, and killed it for food, it was found to be so greasy and oily it made anyone eating it ill.

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