Which Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animal Models Should Everything Dinosaur Make A Video Review?

It has been suggested that team members at Everything Dinosaur make some more video reviews of the prehistoric animal models made by Safari Ltd.  We do make short, (five minutes) video reviews of a number of prehistoric animal models and replicas.  For example, in the Safari Ltd prehistoric animal model ranges we have already made videos for the Deinosuchus, the new Brachiosaurus, Miragaia as well as the Carnotaurus (Carnegie Collectibles).  In the Wild Safari Dinos and Prehistoric Life series we have already reviewed Kaprosuchus, Inostrancevia, Dracorex, Ceratosaurus, Vagaceratops as well as the new T. rex and Acrocanthosaurus models.

Prehistoric Animal Models

Naturally, it is our intention to review the new 2013 releases from Safari Ltd, these will be made in due course, but we have received a request following discussions with Safari Ltd for Everything Dinosaur team members to make some more videos of models.

Which models of prehistoric animals made by Safari Ltd would you like to see reviewed?

We have already received requests to review the scale model of Spinosaurus made by this American company, along with a request to review the American Museum of Natural History Feathered Dinosaurs Toob.  So far we have reviewed a number of the “Toob” products made by Safari Ltd – prehistoric sharks and prehistoric crocodiles as well as the prehistoric sealife Toobs.

The New 2013 Concavenator Model (Carnegie Collectibles)

On the Safari Ltd Calendar.

On the Safari Ltd calendar.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the new Carnegie Collectibles Concavenator dinosaur model made by Safari Ltd.  It features on the Safari Ltd calendar.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur intend to produce a review of this new replica when stocks are available.  Readers have the chance to suggest what models they would like us to produce a video of.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

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