Collecta’s Prehistoric Life Collection – An Update

In response to requests from customers we are publishing further information on the size of the new Collecta 2013 prehistoric animal models.  There are going to be a number of new additions to the Collecta “Prehistoric Life” model series this year, both within the company’s deluxe scale model range and within their not to scale figures.

To see the announcement of the new Collecta models in the “Prehistoric Life” range: New Collecta Models for 2013

Deluxe Series

Deinotherium (prehistoric elephant) length = 23cm and height = 11cm (1:20 scale approx.)

Parasaurolophus (duck-billed dinosaur) length = 34.5cm and height 10cm (1:40 scale approx.)

Re-painted Ankylosaurus (length = 25cm and height 10cm (1:40 scale approx.)

Not to Scale Series

Diabloceratops (horned dinosaur) length = 15cm and height (horns) 8cm

Daspletosaurus (Tyrannosaurid) length =16.6cm and height 5.7cm

Rearing Diplodocus length = 19cm and height 23.8cm

Pachycephalosaurus on base length = 12.8cm and height 5.7cm

Some of the Team Members Behind the Successful Collecta Range

Ken, Ester, Conny, Anthony (model designs) and Peter

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In addition, the Tyrannosaurus with prey (Struthiomimus) model is having a base fitted.  This will make the original T. rex with prey model that was launched last year a rare collectible in years to come.  Those clever people at Collecta have fitted a base to this model that allows it to fit with the bases that can be found on the Williamsonia and the Monathesia and Cycadeoidae tree models.

New for 2013 T. rex with Prey on a Base

Make your own prehistoric scene

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

It looks like 2013 is going to be another exciting year for Collecta.

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