Review of Prehistoric Times (Edition 92)

Our winter edition of Prehistoric Times arrived today, a Saturday, giving me the first chance to read the magazine as I was the first one into the Everything Dinosaur office this morning.  This is issue ninety-two of the magazine for dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal modellers and what a great read it is.

Lovely to see a review of the John Sibbick prehistoric animal art exhibition that took place on the Isle of Wight as well as an interview with  Dr Scott Sampson palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist, who discusses some of the latest dinosaur discoveries from the Badlands of the United States.

Featured prehistoric animals in this edition include Stegosaurus, with lots of fascinating facts and information plus many drawings and Stegosaurus artwork contributed by readers.  Great to see a feature on the Palaeozoic super-predator Anomalocaris, some wonderful pictures and lots of really interesting data on this bizarre apex predator of the Cambrian.

The Front Cover of Prehistoric Times (Winter 2010)

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

Inside the magazine there is a summary of the major palaeontological discoveries over the last twelve months plus a behind the scenes look at how Safari Ltd design their prehistoric animal models.

To learn more about Prehistoric Times: Prehistoric Times Magazine.

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