Feedback on the Feedback Forms

At Everything Dinosaur we get lots of pictures, letters, emails and feedback forms from our customers.  We love receiving them and we do read them all.  Every morning, one of the jobs that is done around 10am, after all the mail has arrived is to divide up the feedback responses we have received and allocate them to a member of staff to respond in person to all those that require a reply.  We also divide up our email information requests, and customer comments that we have received from other sources such as faxes, letters and so forth.

Each team member is given a batch to work through, during the day and normally by close of play we have done them all.

We enjoy reading the letters and customer comments, many of the pictures and drawings that are sent in are posted up on the warehouse notice board, they certainly make a colourful montage.

One of the benefits of carrying out this process is that we get to learn about products and how they are received and used by our customers.  This has certainly helped our product knowledge and works well, complementing our own product testing programmes.  Any correspondence that deserves special attention can be dealt with immediately and if required an update can be provided by the team member responsible at our weekly Friday afternoon meeting.

All the letters, comments, pictures and drawings we receive certainly makes for a lively discussion during our mid-morning tea break.

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