Thank you Letters Received After Dinosaur Workshop in School

At the end of the Summer Term, Everything Dinosaur visited a primary school in Staffordshire (English midlands) to help with the Year 1 term topic of dinosaurs and the “Jurassic Forest”.  The children, aged between six and seven years of age had lots of questions for our dinosaur expert and they were keen to show off their dinosaur themed artwork.  This morning, the postman arrived with a big envelope with thirty thank  you letters that had been written by the children, one of the last things they did before the end of their school term.

After a school visit to teach about dinosaurs in schools, it is always a pleasure to receive letters from young dinosaur fans.  It is also a good way to get budding young palaeontologists to practice their writing skills.

Young Ryan wrote:

“I had a great time, my favourite part was when you showed me the dinosaur teeth.”

Everything Dinosaur Receives a Thank You

School chum Imogen said that she had lots of fun and that she enjoyed learning all about dinosaurs, her favourite exercise was the casting of the fossil dinosaur teeth.  Destiny really enjoyed the dinosaur workshop and she stated that when she gets older she wants to be go and dig up dinosaurs too.  Destiny also remembered the name of some of the fossilised remains that we had looked at, which was very clever of her.  Rhys on the other hand, explained that his favourite meat-eating dinosaur was Tyrannosaurus rex and that is favourite plant-eating dinosaur was the plated Stegosaurus.

Dinosaur workshop thank you letter

Polly says thanks. A dinosaur workshop thank you letter. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Thank You Letters

It seems that all the children enjoyed the dinosaur workshop and the standard of letter writing was very good.  All the letters stated with “dear” and there was lots of evidence of correct spelling and appropriate use of connectives and punctuation.  We shall pin the letters up onto one of our big message boards in our warehouse.

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