Customising Caiuajara dobruskii

Our thanks to model collector Elizabeth who sent into Everything Dinosaur a superb selection of photographs of her customised CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara flying reptile figures.  CollectA have introduced several large pterosaur figures in recent years, the Caiuajara (C. dobruskii) model was introduced in 2019, following the earlier introduction of a Dimorphodon (2017) and a Guidraco figure in 2015.  These large figures provide plenty of scope for modellers to add their own slant when it comes to depicting these long extinct archosaurs.

A Pair of Customised CollectA Caiuajara Figures

Two beautiful customised pterosaur figures (CollectA Supreme Caiuajara models).
A pair of customised CollectA Supreme Caiuajara pterosaur models. The models could represent a male and a female, the models have been customised by Ben Van Steenberge (left) and Martin Garratt (right).

Picture credit: Elizabeth

The flying reptile figures have been given custom make-overs by the extremely talented Ben Van Steenberge and Martin Garratt, what fantastic efforts too.

Caiuajara dobruskii

This large crested tapejarid, fossils of which herald from southern Brazil, was formally described back in 2014 (P. Manzig et al).  To read an article about the discovery of Caiuajara: New Species of Flying Reptile Identified from Pterosaur Graveyard.

Although the dating of the strata in which the pterosaur fossils were found has proved controversial, several palaeontologists estimate that this flying reptile with its 2-3 metre wingspan was flying over southern Brazil between 93 to 75 million years ago (Turonian to Campanian faunal stages of the Cretaceous).

The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara Pterosaur Model

A CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara Model (Original Colour Scheme)

The CollectA Caiuajara with a moveable jaw.
The CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara pterosaur model.  This figure has an articulated lower jaw. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Leaving feedback on the CollectA Deluxe Caiuajara figure on Everything Dinosaur’s website, Elizabeth commented:

“The CollectA Supreme line is a dream for lovers of pterosaurs.  I have leapt to buy each one!  This is a particularly striking creature with its massive crest.  I like the way that CollectA chose to paint it brightly to indicate a display feature to other Caiuajara.  The model is large and well made – an asset to any collection.”

To view the CollectA Supreme pterosaur figures including the Deluxe Caiuajara figure: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life.

Our thanks to Elizabeth for sending us a link to the album of images that showcase these excellent customised flying reptile figures.