Beacon Museum Announces the Winner of their Dinosaur Competition

The dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from the award winning television documentary “Walking with Dinosaurs” have taken up residence at the Beacon Museum at Whitehaven.  This exciting exhibition is open throughout the summer and is already wowing dinosaur fans, old and young alike.

As part of the promotional activities surrounding this dinosaur themed tourist attraction, those clever people at the Beacon organised a dinosaur drawing competition, Cumbria’s very own “Dino Draw”, a chance for young people to get creative and to come up with their very own dinosaur design.

The winner has just been announced and it is Kian Hilton, aged six of Lowca Community School.  Kian’s picture appears on a banner outside Beacon Museum and also in the market place in Whitehaven’s town centre.  Lucky Kian also wins a free trip for his class to the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs Exhibition, a chance to get up close to the likes of Triceratops, Diplodocus and of course, the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex.

Kian’s Winning Entry

Picture Courtesy of The Beacon Museum

Kian’s drawing of a “Binosaurus” is certainly very colourful.  We at Everything Dinosaur are most impressed by his efforts, we love the enigmatic smile, perhaps not quite the way a palaeontologist would depict a dinosaur but the light coloured underside contrasting with the dark body colour, the blue flash over the eyes and the bright red dermal armour running along the back does make quite a lot of sense from a palaeontological perspective.

Well done Kian, a worthy winner – have a great day at the Beacon Museum with your class mates.

For further information about the Walking with Dinosaurs Exhibition visit the Beacon Museum’s website.

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